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Oakland Style Brisket


  • ▪1 10-12lb whole brisket fat trimmed to ¼” thickness
  • ▪1 tin of Oakland Dust Steak Rub
  • ▪Yellow mustard


Rub meat down with yellow mustard and coat with Oakland Dust Steak Rub. You’ll want to let the brisket reach room temperature before cooking, so get your time right.

Fire up your smoker using apple or plum wood chips. You can use whatever you’d like but this my preference. You’re going to want to cook at 225-degrees. Don’t trust the external gauge so I suggest have an ambient thermometer on the grill itself.

When your grill or smoker reaches 225-degrees start cooking fatty side up. You’re going to cook for about 4-6 hours until internal temp reaches 170-degrees.

The color should be dark at this point. Wrap in foil and place back in your smoker and cook for another 3-5 hours or until the internal temp hits about 205-degrees.

Let it rest in a cooler for up to 2 hours then serve. Slice against the grain and get your grub on, fool! Juicy lovely goodness!

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