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Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Jumbo Prawns


  • ▪1.5 pounds of Jumbo Prawns (BIG ONES)
  • ▪Seafood Rub for Dusting
  • ▪Olive Oil
  • ▪1 Juicy Lemon
  • ▪5-8 Strips of Thick Cut Bacon
  • ▪BBQ Sauce

You’ll need tooth pics or at least 2 long skewers plus a food brush for glazing the prawns


Peel and devein the prawns and set aside.  Now Slice each bacon strip in half.  Lightly dust each Prawn with Seafood Rub and wrap each one with bacon and secure with a tooth pic.  Fire up your grill and set over medium-high heat.  Grill each side turning once until bacon is sizzling.  Just before removing glaze each one with a bit of your favorite BBQ sauce.

Note:  The bigger the prawns the better.  Otherwise by the time your bacon is fully cooked your little prawns will be overcooked and dried out.  Trust me it’s worth paying extra for the JUMBOS.

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