Hog Sauce

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This Carolina style vinegary dipping sauce is a guaranteed life changer. Pour over pulled pork to create the finest sandos known to man.

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2 reviews for Hog Sauce

  1. Bart

    I don’t normally do these reviews things but – This sauce is 1 of 2 critical secret ingredients for my infamous (see I am more than famous, I am IN-famous) pulled pork. Thank the good Lord they have an online store, just in case! I Every time I have parties or when I got the chance (all in the past now) to cook for my sons football team meetings, all I ever heard (or hear) is/was “the best pulled pork they ever had”. Hog Sauce is a critical part and I would be lost without it. Well BBQing-ly speaking.

  2. David Y.

    While traveling for work, I enjoy trying local foods and restaurants. One of my favorite things to do is to try the local BBQ. I’ve eaten at some of the more popular BBQ restaurants in the country. While in North Carolina, I was excited to try their BBQ with vinegar-based sauce. I like the flavor of vinegar, but I didn’t like any of the vinegar-based sauces.

    My Uncle gave me some of the hog sauce, but I was reluctant to try it due to my prior experience. Thanks to Oakland Dust, my opinion has completely changed regarding vinegar-based sauces. I love the hog sauce and recently bought a bottle for myself. I like to dunk the pork directly into the sauce. It’s so good, that I could probably just drink it. Needless to say, it’s my favorite vinegar-based sauce and I definitely recommend it. If I go back to North Carolina, I’ll bring some hog sauce with me.

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